A Greener, more vibrant India is the future that I have imagined. This is only possible by planting trees cross Whole India. To this end, I launched Haritha Bharat Foundation. My mission is to achieve 33% Green Cover of Bharat. To achieve this, we along with the support of Volunteers, Institutions, and many other inspired individuals, will take decentralized approach and target Villages first for planting saplings.


I had decided to be part of an Organisation for addressing the importance of PlantingTrees and increasing Green Cover in India for battling Climate Change and Economy Generation. To me, the future and path to Haritha Bharat was Clear. Increasing the Green Cover of India can positively affect the climate change, reduce soil erosion, reduce Forest Wild Fires, decrease Global Warming etc..I urge everyone to join us in making Haritha Bharat Foundation reach its goal and provide us with a Greener India.

Ashok Varma Uppalapati,co-founder,director